About Us


About Us

Since our establishment, Onsite UK has developed a reputation for an unparalleled commitment to customer satisfaction; and it’s this standard of excellence that has enabled us to grow into the business we are today. 

We believe that the customer always comes first – and that means exceptional services to secure your site or property so you know you’re in safe hands. 

Onsite UK has provided Security and site services to a range of blue-chip companies across a broad spectrum of market sectors including Construction, Healthcare, Public, and much more.

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Caring For Our Planet

Throughout our operations, we look to minimize our environmental impact by reducing emissions and waste. In all our sites we implement environmentally friendly operational procedures that comply with local regulations and identify, reduce and manage any adverse impact our operations could have on the environment. 

In addition to our own measures to protect the environment, we promote environmental awareness amongst our suppliers, contractors, and partners through the implementation of our operational procedures using our ISO14001 accreditation.

Why Onsite UK

We pride ourselves on being a professionally run, ethical company that provides the best specialist security services within our industry.


Onsite UK was built on mutual respect and trust with our clients and will always be the pillar from which we conduct our business so that every partner and business relationship can thrive.


Onsite UK’s determination to be the best is driven by our competitive nature. Being competitive allows us to acknowledge our successes, but makes us always remain motivated to improve.


Onsite UK originated from the construction industry. While today our skills have evolved dramatically to include a wide portfolio of high-level specialisms, we remain dedicated to the same principles of honesty and integrity that have been part of the company since day one.


Onsite UK takes pride in our commitment to sustainability and the environment which we endeavour to fulfil in each and every one of our projects.

Our Promise

First-class Customer Service

With Onsite UK, as the security market changes over time, your security system changes with it. We are constantly evolving to meet businesses adapting asset management and security requirements. We will never simply install a system and leave. We constantly monitor and update our installed systems, so your business’s security always fulfills the current requirements.

To make your experience with Onsite UK as smooth as possible you’ll have a dedicated sales representative to maintain a close working relationship. Onsite UK staff will make regular site visits to discuss the progress of the project and provide first-class customer care.  

To make an inquiry, please call one of our experts for a straight-talking conversation about how Onsite UK can help with all your security needs.


To make an inquiry, please call one of our experts for a straight-talking conversation about how Onsite UK can help with all your security needs.

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