Manned Guarding

Real Time Patrol Monitoring

Our state of the art security guard patrol system software allows us to provide a real time monitoring of security staff and your premises, whilst keeping our team up to date with patrol routes and providing a quick response in the event of an incident.

Uniformed Licensed Security Guards

All our security staff are fully trained and licensed to ensure we meet the highest quality standards of the industry. All our staff are supplied with uniforms to aid identification and provide a clean, professional image for your business.

Short and Long Term Contracts

From short term site cover to on-going security guard contracts we are able to provide tailored security solutions that meet your business needs.

Security Risk Assessments

We will carry out a full free risk assessment of your site prior to starting work. This ensures we identify all security risks, optimal patrol routes where necessary and can reduce the risk to your premises and business assets.

Static Security and Mobile Patrols

We offer full manned security services and security patrols for all types of commercial and private premises including retail, construction sites, domestic properties and the hospitality sector.

Single or Multi-Premise

From single site security to multi-store, multi-location business solutions we are able to provide dedicated security guard teams for your business needs.


Dog Guarding

Specialise in supplying highly effective dog teams for when the additional security and deterrent of a guard dog and handler is needed. We can provide guard dogs for both one-off events and long term solutions. Our security dogs and handlers are all highly trained and fully BIPDT-compliant.

We will assess your premises or site and recommend the appropriate level and style of security required, devising a tailor-made patrol route and checklist of access points and vulnerable areas to be inspected.

Benefits of using our dog team

  • One dog team can do the same job as 5 static guards
  • Cost-effective alternatives to full-time security
  • Trained and experienced dogs are effective at protecting your premises
  • Highly visible presence acts as a strong deterrence
  • 24 hour response
  • Mobile Dog Patrol Service
Guarding Services

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