Onsite UK Air Purification

From gyms to workspaces, restaurants to care homes, and everything in between we can help you ensure a safer shared environment with our Air Purification solutions.

Who is it for?

Medical facilities

Poor air quality can lead to the airborne transmission of bacteria and viruses in waiting rooms and consultation rooms.

Elderly care facilities

The elderly are more vulnerable to viruses and other respiratory illnesses and have the added concern of weakened immune systems.

Classrooms & day care

Young respiratory systems are more susceptible to irritants that can exacerbate childhood allergies and asthma.

Dental facilities

The dental profession is rife with poor air quality, and dental practices exhibit large amounts of germs and bacteria from patient procedures.

Hospitality, Beauty & Fitness

Improved indoor air quality is a great way to provide maximum peace of mind for customers and improve brand perception.


9 hours of constantly flowing visitors, vendors and employees can bring viruses, germs and pathogens into the workplace.


The gift of clean air

Our Air Purification units are also great for removing odours, allergens, dust, pet dander as well as viruses and bacteria with a 99.97% efficiency as reported by, WHO, SAGE, CDC & NASA.

Clean Air is essential for healthy living and the long term effects of breathing in polluted air are now well documented.

Over 7m people worldwide will die annually due to poor air quality and Air Purification with Hepa Filtration is a great solution to this global health crisis.



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Find out more about our portable Air Purification solution.

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We breathe in over 11,000 litres of air per day.

Let’s work together in reducing and removing these harmful particles and provide the public and our employees with Clean Air.