Hospital-grade Air Purification

Clean air for every space

Clean air has never been more important. We have made hospital-grade air purifiers available globally.

Hospital grade

The Rensair air purification technology was originally developed for Scandinavian hospitals, meeting strict air quality requirements.

Patended solution

It is a patented solution that uses the most advanced purification technology and the efficacy is documented by independent laboratories.

Rensair destroys more than 99.97% of airborne bacteria and viruses

The Rensair air purifier consists of a germicidal ozone free UVC lamp placed in the centre of a cylindrical high-quality HEPA 13 filter, to not only capture but also inactivate viruses and bacteria trapped on the filter surface.

The constant UVC illumination of the entire filtration area ensures a continuous disinfection process, resulting in a safer product to operate and maintain.

The effectiveness of the Rensair air purifier is documented by independent laboratories including Eurofins, Norconsult and Oslo University Hospital.

Why is Rensair an Effective Solution?

Hospital-grade technology

HEPA13 filter and ozone free UVC light

Patented solution

Unique system delivers industry-leading effectiveness

Large cleaning capacity

Cleans 560m³/hour (20,000ft³/hour)

Independently tested

From independent laboratories

Simplicity in mind

No installation required, simply plug it in and you are set

Low & safe maintenance

9,000h (~1 year) continuous run time


How It Works

The Rensair air purifier sucks in surrounding air through the upper air inlet perforations. Air travels through the removable pre-filters placed at the top of the machine which catch and trap larger airborne particles and dust.

A powerful fan pushes the pre-filtered air down into the cylindrical-shaped HEPA 13 filter located in the middle of the unit. As air hits the HEPA 13 filter, bacteria, viruses and smaller airborne particles and pollutants become trapped on its inner surface.

An 18W UVC lamp placed in the centre of the cylindrical drum continuously illuminates the entire filtration area. This UVC light breaks down the DNA and RNA of all pathogens thereby destroying them. The continuous disinfection process ensures that the Rensair air purifier is always safe to operate and maintain.
Large volumes of clean air travel out of the unit via the lower perforations. The cylindrical shape of the Rensair air purifier allows air to flow out in every direction thereby making it suitable for almost all locations.

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