Manned Guarding

Real-Time Patrol Monitoring

Our advanced security patrol software ensures real time supervision of personnel and premises, enabling swift responses during incidents.

Licenced Security Guards

Our top tier security personnel are all SIA licensed, DBS checked, thoroughly trained, and highly experienced. Uniforms enhance identification and present a professional image.

Flexible Contracts

Tailored to your needs, our security solutions range from short term site coverage to ongoing contracts.

Thourough Risk Assessments

We conduct free, detailed risk assessments to mitigate threats, evaluate risks, and optimize patrol routes before initiating operations

Static Security & Mobile Patrols

Our manned services and patrols cover commercial, residential, and hospitality sectors, including retail, construction, and domestic properties

Single/Multi-Premise Expertise

From individual sites to multi-location enterprises, we offer dedicated security teams aligned with your specific business requirements.