Utility Services

Utility Services

Efficiency is key

Onsite UK offers a wide range of Civil Engineering services for multi-utility installation and traffic management solutions. Our services include trenchless excavation, open cut excavation reinstatements and duct installation.

We undertake work in both the Public Highway and on Private Land/Developments.

Our highly trained and experienced NRASWA (Streetworks) qualified teams work closely with our clients and when necessary the local authority to provide solutions for both cable and pipe installation.

In the public highway, our work is performed and completed to all relevant standards and to NJUG specifications. We utilise modern techniques to avoid damaging existing underground equipment and aim to maximise the use of sustainable methods and materials.

Onsite UK operates in both the private sector and in conjunction with DNO’s/ICP’s/IDNO’s.

Safety is our first priority whilst delivering a consistently high quality service.