Fit Out & Refurbishment

Why our customers choose us

Our distinctiveness is not defined by claims of superior products, unparalleled service, or exceptional designs. It is underscored by an intrinsic commercial mindset that permeates every facet of our operation. This mindset is fundamental to our comprehensive approach, prioritizing clients’ actual needs over perceived budgetary constraints.

Through our strategic procurement strategy, we secure direct purchases, circumventing intermediaries whenever feasible. This approach translates to tangible benefits for our clients: heightened value, superior quality, and substantial savings.

Our commitment to innovation is evident in every design craft. We embrace ingenuity and creativity to forge solutions that transcend expectations and push the boundaries of conventional design.

Welcome to a realm where commercial mindset, procurement prowess, and inventive design converge to redefine industry standards.

Fit Out

Within our repertoire, we wield specialized prowess across diverse domains: accommodation, furniture, bespoke joinery, partition, flooring, and mechanical & electrical installation. However, what truly sets us apart is our extensive expertise spanning both the office and leisure industry.

Be it a ground-up design endeavour or the reimagining of established spaces, we eagerly anticipate the opportunity to contribute our skills and insights to your project.


In aid of your tendering and procurement endeavours, completing our interior design and 3D visualization services, we extent and comprehensive technical architectural drawing service across key domains:

  • Building works
  • Specialized joinery
  • Air conditioning design
  • Electrical and data design

Our multidisciplinary approach ensures meticulous attention to every facet of your project

Estimating & Procurement

Our estimators adeptly determine project expenses and formulate pragmatic budgets using our innovative ‘direct procurement design’ methodology.

Through this distinct approach, our clients gain direct access to manufacturers and distributors, eliminating intermediaries.

This strategy bestows tangible advantages: optimal value, elevated product quality, and the potential for substantial savings.

Project Management

We assume full ownership of your project. Our internal team of project managers guarantees seamless adherence to schedule, budget, and unwavering quality standards.

The Way Forward

Whether opting for an individual service, a singular company, or a combined approach within the ‘Onsite Group’, our methodology prioritizes seamless integration across estimation, design, project management, procurement, and fit-out.

This methodology not only aids in shaping your business strategy but also elevates the overall experience for clients, employees, and customers.

Who is it for?

Design Services
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Master Planning
  • Strategic Planning
  • Concept Drawing
  • 3D Visualisation
  • Bespoke joinery setting out drawings
  • Graphics & Signage Design
  • Interior Design & Branding
Specialist Advice
  • 'Direct Procurement Design'
  • Full Tendering Service
  • Value Engineering
  • Product sourcing service
  • Mechanical + Electrical Design
  • Executive Architectural Service
  • Lighting Design
  • Project Management
  • Estimating